2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV Price, Specs, & Release Date

2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV Price, Specs, & Release Date – The Nissan LEAF hit a difficult repair in earlier 2020. That is in the event it was upstaged by the 238-mile Chevy Bolt, which scored more than 2 times the LEAF’s sales in the US that year. The second-generation LEAF upped its range to 151 miles in 2020- and enhanced its design – but Nissan was nevertheless not competing on the range. At last, Nissan will place the prior two years in the rear-view vanity mirror when the new, big-battery 2020 LEAF Plus continues on purchase in March.

2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV
2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV


Last 7 days, InsideEVs had taken the first drive in the long-anticipated 62 kilowatt-hr Plus version of the Nissan LEAF. Our path was a blend of city, highway, and meandering seaside roads near The San Diego Area. The time moved from outstanding California sunlight to a February drizzle. But our top-of-the-line 2020 LEAF Plus SL continuously provided on the expected range – utilizing lower than half the pack’s energy for the 112-mile journey. I was mild on the accelerator for the most trip and interested the car’s heavy-regen e-Pedal function. Other correspondents at the celebration forced the performance of the LEAF’s motor and refrained from e-Pedal – getting rid of by way of more than half the pack in the very same length. Very similar intense driving could minimize the LEAF Plus’s range to the edge of the 200-mile mark.

Power Boost

The narrative of the LEAF Plus, imminently showing up at car dealerships across the United States, is not only about its remarkable 50-% boost in range. There is also a 46-percentage rise in output from its motor. The bounce from 147 horsepower to 214-hp was visceral in the course of our drive, specifically throughout highway moving maneuvers at speed. The added oomph was significantly less noticeable in town. Possibly the further 345 pounds of body weight compared to the standard LEAF – of which 300 pounds are derived from the enlargement from 192 to 288 tissue in the pack – reduced the effect of the additional horsepower. Nissan officers stated the LEAF Plus’s zero-to-60 time is about seven seconds, a one-second advantage over the standard LEAF.

2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV Review
2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV Review

With the launch of the LEAF Plus, Nissan is freely aimed towards the 238-mile Bolt, as nicely as the 239-mile Kia Niro EV and the 258-mile Hyundai Kona Electric. “We see the LEAF Plus as a conquest vehicle,” mentioned Jeff Wandell, director of EV telecommunications for Nissan. “We’re in the activity now.”

2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV Price & Release Date

Recognized costs for the Leaf Plus is not even available, but Wandell claimed that the LEAF Plus can be “very very competitive from a prices perspective.” That almost certainly implies the LEAF Plus base S trim will start about $36,000 with the uppr SV and SL versions topping out in the mid-$40,000s. Also, take into consideration that the Bolt’s $7,500 government taxation credit rating will probably be phased out over the next year due to the fact General Motors arrived at the 200,000-sales restriction. And Hyundai-Kia is not promoting its fine EVs across the overall country. So the standard and Plus versions of the LEAF are nicely placed.


Any conquests will probably be received based on price and access – regardless of the LEAF Plus nevertheless a little lagging in the range online game. Formal EPA range figures are not really printed. But Nissan stated the objective for the LEAF Plus S is 226 miles – when the far better-equipped SV and SL versions are particular at only 215 miles. Nissan described that lowered range in the top trims is because of to a blend of included body weight, the use of 17-inch instead of 16-inch wheels, and changes in moving opposition involving the S’s Bridgestone Ecopias and the SV/SL’s Michelin Energy Saver wheels.


Drivers of the LEAF Plus will quickly make up these last couple of miles of range by stimulating Nissan’s competitive e-Pedal function. If I possessed the LEAF Plus, I would use it all the time even with how the e-Pedal tends to make the accelerator pedal seems as well prohibitive (practically tacky) in cease-and-go traffic. On the contrary, in San Diego, Ca the e-Pedal produced for enchanting traveling coupled capturing highways previously mentioned 30 miles per 60 minutes. When involved, e-Pedal gets rid of vehicle sneak.

2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV Redesign
2020 Nissan LEAF e-Plus Capable 226-Mile EV Redesign


The LEAF Plus’s cabin is unaltered from the standard version, even with the larger battery pack. Nissan wisely adjusted the battery’s settings with tissues positioned three (as an alternative to two) in parallel. “We have an adaptable architecture with components of sizes,” stated Nate Herbrandson, supervisor of sturdiness and trustworthiness at Nissan. The LEAF Plus also uses four millimeters of the standard version’s “dead space” under the cabin – and reduces the ride size by about six millimeters. The LEAF is correct in line in the terminology of passenger and cargo volume compared to its chief competitors. Nevertheless, there is something about the LEAF’s structure that does not really work for my 6-foot-4-inch body. The driver’s seat does not travel very much sufficient back for me to increase my lower leg – as a result, it digs into the center unit. At the identical time, my seating situation powering the steering wheel is as well high for suitable exposure forward and by way of the tapered windscreen. Most grownup travelers is going to be comfortable in the rear seats.

The LEAF’s seats and the good blend of challenging and soft plastic materials, and racing-style steering wheel, are certainly better compared to what GM gives in the Bolt. The Plus’s larger 8-inch screen, with crunch-and-focus expressions, is a delightful update. (Based on my small current drive of the Niro EV, the Kia electric crossover is greater employed than sometimes the Nissan or Chevy.) Nissan is adhering to the CHAdeMO fast-charging standard and the use of indirect air cooling of the battery (as opposed to liquid-cooling). Herbrandson, who is based at Nissan’s State of Arizona testing middle, advised me that liquid cooling “wasn’t necessary” for this vehicle. The greater battery is going to be taxed much less. “You cannot unintentionally harm this battery by getting too hot it,” he explained. The Nissan Plus may now cater to up to 100 kilowatts of juices – a determine of future-proofing for the EV. Despite the fact that Nissan managers confessed that only about 10 CHAdeMO stations in the country are now equipped for 100 kilowatts. On a lot more functional note, the LEAF Plus’s standard portable charging unit is able to deal with Level 2 240-volt charging. So buying an independent home charger may be prevented.


The 62-kWh LEAF Plus manages with assurance when looking at of all the essential containers for very good, dependable traveling in a compact electric hatch. If it reaches car dealerships in a month or so, Nissan will distinctly have the ability to remain competitive at two price amounts. The present 150-mile LEAF, which commences just beneath $30,000, piles up nicely from the enjoys of the 124-mile Volkswagen E-Golf and 124-mile Hyundai Ionic Electric. And the new skilled, high-tech, long-range LEAF Plus may go up from the Chevy Bolt, Hyundai Kona EV, and the Kia Niro Electric. This stratum of EV close to markets in the low-$40,000s.

“The slogan for Nissan been to volume-market a great electric vehicle at an inexpensive price,” explained Jean-Phillipe Lattes, senior citizen supervisor of EV advertising and sales for Nissan North America. In my speak to Lattes, he threw in a noticeable look at Tesla for not even reaching its value targets. “It’s nearly easy to make a $60,000 or $70,000 EV,” he shared with me. Lattes mentioned Nissan is fully committed to continuing to provide the 40-kWh model for all around $30,000. Lattes are extra that there is a “huge market” for shoppers that demand an EV with at minimum 200 miles of range. Our quick first hrs with the LEAF Plus stated that Nissan has an engaging choice for these consumers.

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